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Boost Your Immunity This Winter with Vitamin Infusions

With the cold and flu season approaching, our immune system kicks into over drive to protect us from the nasty winter bugs floating around. Intravenous vitamin infusions can help boost the immune system, fight fatigue and in some cases, even help overcome chronic disease.

Vitamin infusions are gaining popularity among health conscious patients wanting to improve their wellbeing through intravenous delivery of Vitamin C, B12 and other micronutrients.

Patients at New Life Clinic WA have a full medical with our Registered Nurse and blood tests before any IV procedure. Once blood results are collected, Dr Nadkarni will discuss these in a consultation to ensure the right treatment plan is prescribed for you.

Contact our rooms on 9284 2900 to book a Health Assessment with our Nurse and start your IV micronutrient therapy today.




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