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FAQs on Lip Fillers – What to consider?

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Dr Sanjay Nadkarni has over 15 years experience in cosmetic lip fillers. New Life Clinic WA stocks a range of premium fillers to ensure that you achieve the luscious lips you desire.

Why get lip fillers?

Cosmetic lip injectables can be used to;
1. Create more volume to your lips
2. Add shape to your lips
3. Add more definition to the lip border
4.  Restore or add fullness to ageing lips
5.  Smooth away wrinkles around the mouth
6. Correct asymmetries

How should I prepare for my lip fillers?

1.  Avoid blood thinners three to five days before the treatment. This includes food products containing garlic, ginger, ginko, non steroidal anti inflammatories, aspirin, Plavix, warfarin and medications prescribed by your doctor such as Xarelto (NOAC or DOAC),vitamin E and fish oil. **Always ask the advice of your GP if you are on blood
thinners for medical reasons.
2.  Make sure you have no active cold sores. Wait until they have healed.
3. Avoid excessive alcohol the night prior to your treatment as this may result in additional swelling and bruising.
4. Make sure you are not pregnant or breastfeeding
5.  Consider taking arnica tablets for 5 days before and after the procedure to keep your bruising to a minimum. Topical arnica creams and sub lingual sprays.

Do lip fillers hurt?

Dr Nadkarni can numb the area around your lips with a dental nerve block (an injection into your gums just like a dentist would do) or you can opt for a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream).
Once numb, you may feel a little discomfort and slight pressure once the filler is injected.

Is there any downtime for lip fillers?

You can go about your day afterwards as normal but we recommend that you;
1. Avoid a facial or massage.
2. Book your treatment and least 3-5 days out from any big events.
3.  Avoid drinking through a straw, kissing or manipulating your lips for 24 hours.


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