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Latest CO2 Laser treatments including resurfacing ageing skin from China

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From April 19-25 I visited the Huangsi Laser and Cosmetic centre in Beijing, China. I was fortunate to work with the renowned Dr Liu and Dr Chen who are considered leaders in the field of laser therapy in China. The clinic is part of an army hospital which also provides a plastic surgery service.

The purpose of my visit was to familiarise myself with the use of the variety of lasers to treat #pigmentation, #moles, #acnescars, #surgicalscars and the use of #CO2 laser for resurfacing and #anti-ageing. I was particularly interested in the use of these lasers on Asian skin.

During my visit I observed numerous procedures using the CO2 laser which was used for resurfacing ageing (deep and fine lines) facial skin, removal of superficial and deep moles, removal of warts and also for treatment of acne scars and surgical scars. More importantly I learnt the importance of the use of topical #VitC on the face at the time of the laser ablation to reduce the incidence of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after care and the various techniques as well as cooling masks used to reduce the down time associated with the procedure.

I am hoping to use the tips and tricks I learnt at the laser clinic in Beijing to achieve the best results for our New Life Clinic WA patients

– Dr Sanjay Nadkarni

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